Monday, April 12, 2010

How I love Mondays!

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Monday for me has become a very special day. It's the day that my bestest friend in the world comes to Hamilton and we spend an hour and sometimes a bit longer together! We usually have a quick bite at Timmy's while we show what we've  been working on to each other, be it hat, scarf, sweater, socks, blankets. There's always something new or sometimes we bounce ideas off each other for a solution to a kink in the current project or sometimes a future project. We enable each other wonderfully!

We are so in sync with each other that we even answer questions before they are asked or send something via email to the other that was needed without being asked. We are coming up to the anniversary of our first official meeting. I say official since we'd said hello a few times in the past when I used to work for one of the companies leasing office space in the building up to 2007. But only last year did it finally click so to speak and knitting did it. 
So, this past Monday, we were going to have a quick bite at Timmy's but instead we, on the spur of the moment, (how gemini of us!) decided to go to Len's Mills. I'd never been so wasn't entirely sure what I was walking into but I discovered very quickly that it was the perfect spot to be! Picture a warehouse crammed to the ceiling with tons of crafty items, what a place to be inspired! I needed some green yarn to continue working on the two blankets for the twins and having checked the nearby store (Hart) and discovering they had nada for green yarn, my dearest friend offered to go to Michael's, but since we'd been last year, and the selection wasn't as enticing as I'd thought it would be, I suggested Len's Mills and off we went! 

We got our yarn fix LOL I walked out with 4 balls of Patons Astra yarn in 2 shades of green and my dear sweet sister walked out with a few patterns since she kept muttering to herself, "No, no yarn today" while we walked through the aisles, fondling and petting the various yarns on display, picking up copies of the free patterns hanging everywhere and commenting on various yarns, how well they worked or didn't work. Even discovered I'd been crocheting with an Alpaca blend and joy, I still have several balls of it left, so I just may end up making something for me! ...I'm thinking a cowl with a matching hat, maybe some wristers, since all this yummy softness would be awesome against my face next winter. Being a shade of dark cherry ice creamy blend, it really appeals to me.

Mondays for me are the cream in my coffee and when life prevents us from meeting up on that day, the week just doesn't feel the same... like something is missing. I never thought I'd admit that I have become a creature of habit, especially when it comes to my dear sweet friend, my sister soul.

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Anonymous said...

I love Mondays too, and my best best friend. :) s