Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catch your dreams before they slip away

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Work went great as long as I ignored the over extended supervisor going in 20 different directions at the same time barking at us for nothing.

I had a job interview this afternoon that I'm not sure on. Talk about poker faces. I should know by the end of the week if they're even considering me for the position. I'll consider then if I really want to work for them. Temp work has it's advantages, if you don't like a placement, you complain to your agent and someone else gets the spot. Not that I'm going to complain since I've figured out the supervisor. I just let her rant on and do my job :)

But the best part of today was..... *drum roll please* My darling daughter came with me to visit! You might say, so what? To me this is a gift to be treasured. My daughter doesn't live in the same town, neither one of us owns a vehicle so visiting means a long trip on a train/bus and then walking walking walking to wherever we want to go. After my interview was over, we headed over to the Vietnamese market to pick up a few things and some chicken wings. My daughter's special supper request was my pineapple curried chicken wings with rice.

After getting everything set, and were waiting for the wings to be done, I sat my daughter down in front of the computer and introduced her to my folder of knitting patterns earmarked for her. When I see a pattern I think she would like, I drop it in that folder so she can take a look whenever she's visiting. Apparently my tastes in what she likes is pretty smack on since she only took a few out of the list :) She also added a bunch more from my regular pattern folders. Then I introduced her to Ravelry, she may not knit or crochet, but she has a flair for clothes. Ravelry is one of those awesome places for anyone who has a flair for knowing what looks good and what works and doesn't work in clothing and accessories. She really enjoyed the site and will likely join so she can check out new patterns and let me know which ones she'd like to have knit up for her.

I put in her backpack a couple of facecloths I knitted up as well as a Kinder Surprise egg. One of her favorite treats. I totally forgot to take pictures of the facecloths but these were experimental designs of my own anyway. I can always knit them up again. She will let me know how they perform under heavy usage so I know what alterations to make if need be. I wish we lived closer by each other.

Cold, colder, coldest! No hot potatoes here! My fingers were numb within minutes of walking out the door this morning. Despite being bundled up to the eyeballs, my fingers were cold even after I stuffed them mitts and all into my pockets. Walking with your hands in your pockets doesn't work so well when the sidwalk is snow and ice covered. You never know when you're going to need to use your arms to pinwheel yourself upright again when your feet skid on ice. Learned that one this morning! The rest of my walk to work was done pigeon toed to keep my center of balance over my feet. An old friend who lived up north with the Inuit taught me that walk and It works.

Still working on fingerless mitts and another facecloth. Doing this new facecloth on a plain sideways rib. Once I've figured it out I'm going to try and incorporate some designs into the sideways rib for visual relief.

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