Sunday, March 1, 2009

Update to the Update

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I spoke with my sister on Friday night.

She is set to have an MRI on the 11th, followed by an appointment with the Radiologist on the 12th and another meeting with her Oncologist on the 13th.

Blood work is done but no results given yet. She had a bone scan done on Thursday night, it was the only time they could fit her in.

She has another scan she has to get done some time in the next week or so which involves injecting dye, waiting 3 or 4 hours and then the scan. Not sure what that one is called. All those names are getting rather confusing for me to keep straight.

At least she's not sounding like she just finished a 10 km run anymore. But her voice has dropped an octave. I guess the mass is pressing against her vocal chords or nearby and affecting the register.

I'm on repeat 10 of 14 for her Adamas Shawl. I bought some green fabric beads and hope I can figure out where to add them on the last chart. If anyone's done this shawl before with beads, I would certainly appreciate some help here. I'm still very much a novice at adding beads to knitting.

I'm also toying with the idea of outlining some of the hearts with different color yarns in duplicate stitch just to add a visual break to the sea of royal blue. My circular needle is getting very heavy and the number of stitches on it is making it more and more difficult to move stitches around. I just hope I can fit these last 4 repeats so I can close with the last chart.

Another idea I've been toying with is adding an angel charm when I do the final castoff row where each heart ends.

Taking a picture at this stage wouldn't show much since it's sitting in a pile. I can't spread it out, my circular needle is too short for that to happen.

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