Sunday, May 2, 2010

Along the way: my daughter's walk to work

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My darling daughter wanted to share photos that she has taken on her way to and from work over the past few months. She lives in the midst of Mississauga and these are the views she gets to enjoy every day. Since we don't live nearby, this was her way of taking a walk with me along.

This was taken late fall / early winter when the leaves have finally fallen or been swept away by the winds and with small patches of snow here and there. Compare it with the same picture taken in spring. It's fascinating to see how spring is changing the view and the colors forming pools as the ground warms up in patches gradually joining as the days grow warmer.

 This is one of many rainbows Karen sees on her way to work. It was taken last summer 2009.

She also wanted to share with me the vividness of the sky pre storm and after a storm came through. The photos are breathtaking and really embody the essence of the storm.
 All these were taken during the summer of 2009.

She lives in a highrise and her next door neighbor was also out on the balcony and couldn't figure out what she was taking photos of. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I always say and these really prove my point. Check those colors and shapes!

Now in the following 2 photos, can you spot the rainbow?

It took me a bit to find it, but when I did, Wow!

And now we move on to spring 2010! And what a lovely walk spring brings!

For such a rugged trunk, what lovely delicate flowers it produces.

I love the contrast in the colors the white against the spring green. And to think, this is along her walk to work in Mississauga. It's amazing what you can find when you slow down and take the time to smell the roses.

I found the above photo amazing. I thought the flowers hiding in the branches were part of the tree, but they are actually a vine that runs along and around the branches. How beautiful and what a lovely way to capture it.

She also spotted some of our favorite birds along the way. This red wing blackbird is definitely looking for a lady friend to spend the summer with. Look at that full throated song. You can almost hear it.

And this wee fellow is saying "Go away! This is my pad!" You have to love the drama that killdeers put on whenever someone approaches their nesting area. And this little fellow did a remarkable show for us.

I was really amazed to see this little guy by the street. For such skittish birds, having known them all my life in a country setting where they erupt into a cacophony of sounds and dance at the drop of a hat, to be sitting quietly by a busy street is quite amazing.

Hmm... wonder what new building materials can be found to woe the right lady to his nest.

And always make sure there's a ready source of water!

Thank you Karen for such a lovely walk to work. It makes me wish we lived nearby so I could take this walk to work with you. I'm sure this is a side of Mississauga that few residents take the time to see and I'm glad you do.

PS. I asked for her permission to post these lovely photos. She felt they were not good enough to be posted. I told her that photos always show the viewers take and will appeal to the like-minded. Any feedback I know she would love to receive, so enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

Karen, my sweet, you have a great eye for photography! You've captured those clouds especially well, and your sense of colour and shape shows in every picture!!! Thanks for letting your mum share them! Hugs, samm

Kitya said...

Thank You so much! :D There are so many spots I walk through.see that I want to share with my mom :D I need to take more pictures!

I will continue to share, if people are ok with it :)