Saturday, June 19, 2010

And what have I been up to?

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The temp placement is coming to an end this Tuesday. I wish it were longer, maybe good things will come of it since my supervisor is thrilled beyond words with my work. Time will tell.

I'm still making motifs for the footstool, also started something else using an adapted version of the motif as a 5-sided and 6-sided piece to make a toy. Not saying more since I plan on publishing this pattern.

So in between making several different sized motifs, I decided I needed something else to do that didn't involve motifs. Today, I was at the local Hart store in the downtown mall to check for some bright colored yarns, no luck for those but I did come across a real find. They added a whole "new" line of Bernat yarns to their display. I know once I say what it is, you'll likely go "so?" For me it's a big deal since I have to watch my pennies with the temp placement coming to an end. I had the 20$ I made staying late last week at work squirrelled away and spent part of it today. The "new" yarn is acrylic and the balls are larger than Bernat's Super Value balls. They weigh in at 225 grams (8 ozs) compared to 195 grams for the Super Value. They are packaged under the name Bernat Big Deal and cost less than the Super Value which for me is a very good thing. Means for the same money I'd spend buying a ball of the Super Value, I can buy 2 of the Big Deal. The colors are lovely, rich purple, cerise/pink and more. I couldn't resist getting a ball of the cerise/pink since I knew who would love it and what I would make with it. As I was bending down to get the cerise/pink I spied a gorgeous ball of deep teal colored yarn shoved all the way back in the display. I pulled it out and it ended up being a 1 lb ball and it was priced at 4.95! That definitely had to come home with me! I spotted more 1lb factory ends bags but they were priced at 15$. A bit too much for my wallet considering most of it was acrylic. And I doubt they'll get anyone to buy the 1 lb bags of eyelash yarn for 15$ a bag. What's really nice is I still have some of my 20$ left!

I said I knew what I wanted to make with the cerise/pink ball (means I'll have to get 1 more to finish it though). My BFF showed me a gorgeous wrap she was working on earlier this year. Worsted weight yarn on US17 needles means fast work. The pattern is ridiculously simple but the end result is quite pleasing and makes it look a lot harder than it really is. She directed me to her Blog Confessions of a Craftaholic for the pattern and thank goodness I kept it bookmarked! Her blog is very pretty, she does a variety of paper crafts and her designs are quite lovely.

I had never knit on size US17 (12mm) needles before and wow, what a shocker! I thought to myself it would be pretty easy, but holding the needles feels like I'm trying to knit with 2 fence posts LOL The first few repeats were pretty frustrating for me, but I soon developed a way to manhandle those big boys. I knit left handed and needles this size (short too) do not tuck well under one's armpit. So I stand one needle up on my thigh, knit or purl or knit together each stitch with a lot less grief. I love how the yarn color I chose looks in this pattern. The big stitches actually look very nice.

And this is a photo of the Peonies just outside our apartment window. I love these flowers so much. They remind me of my grandmother as do Lilies of the Valley and Lilacs. Speaking of which, I must do a post about my daughter's birthday present to me! She is such a sweet girl and I'm very proud of her. Not today though, must go to bed.

Enjoy the lovely flower for now and there will be more to come :)

TTFN, Angel


Anonymous said...

Oh my sister, that peony photo is wonderful!!! I've borrowed it to use on my screen for a while. The big needles will become easier eventually. I'd say about the time you knit the last row? Not really, but it does get better as you go along. :) Can't wait to see what your DD gave you! :) I'll bet it's very special. The new yarn colours sound very pretty. Can't wait to see your new wrap all done. :) sis

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Loving that colour and I can fully understand your excitement... I love to buy yarn and crochet new items... wish I had your drive to finish more things though! lol

can't wait to hear what lovely surprise your DD got you...

big hugs Alex

MarieAnge said...

Thank you Samsis :)
I love taking photos and this is one of my most recent.

And yes, I think you are right on getting used to those fence posts aka knitting needles LOL

Alex, I'm about halfway done the wrap now and I love the color and how it's coming out a lot!

I'll have to take photos before I send it off so I can share :)

And it's understandable that you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to knitting or crochet, you have a wee one to care for. That comes first in my books!