Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And the heavens rejoiced!

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I finally have a family Doctor!!! 

6 years, multiple waiting lists, and uncounted phone calls canvassing for one and I finally get one using Healthcare Connect.

And I wasn't expecting anything to happen so quick either. When I registered with the service yesterday, I was told to not expect an answer for a while if I even got an answer. Nothing new there since it's all I've been told in the past. The phone rings this morning and it's the local placement agent for Healthcare connect who tells me she's found a doctor for me! The last place I thought to look; the french canadian health services! duh!

So after going through the 30 minute intake interview (in french) over the phone, I have an appointment for December 14th at 1:45!!!! Bloody amazing, my jaw just about hit the floor.
I'm still in shock, can't quite believe it. Almost too good to be true so I keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming or hallucinating LOL

I wish to thank my darling daughter for sending me all the doctor names via email (couldn't access the website from here) I don't have to do any more calls! I also wish to thank my darling soulsister for encouraging me and just holding me up at times through this whole mess.

Now to figure out what the next step is so we're not on the street by December.

More phone calls to make. But I still need to hear from the neurologist before I can proceed to the next step. If I jump the gun so to speak, I may end up landing on the wrong spot.

If you know anyone who has serious health problems, lives in Ontario, has a valid health card and doesn't have a family doctor, pass on the information to call Healthcare Connect. I was seriously sceptical when I called them yesterday, but after today's response, I'm sold! Registration is only a phone call away 1-800-445-1822. My days of relying on walk-in clinics are finally over!


Anonymous said...

Happy happy Snoopy dancing here too! :) s

Laurie Laliberte said...

Smiling big for you!

Karen said...

just don't let up on that neurologist! :D Love you mom!!