Monday, November 15, 2010

Bell Canada woes

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A couple of years ago I received a call from a Bell Canada marketing call centre representative. I don't remember what the offer was at the time but I know I said No Thank you in no uncertain terms. A couple of weeks later, my phone bill comes in and I've got new charges on it. I call Bell customer service to ask why these services are showing up on my bill and they inform me that I requested the services. ... which was pure bs.
I asked the rep if I gave my authorization password and she answers, what password? So she goes through and sees in past calls that I had password protected my phone accounts so they couldn't be tampered with. And sure enough, my password had not been given. So everything went back to what it was and I was happy.

Today I get another one of those calls that the marketing person on the other end isn't answering my questions and keeps going back to the point that I've won a new cellphone free of charge with no s&h. This is the 12th day in a row that they call and I keep saying no, I don't want it. So today after the call, I called Bell Customer service and asked how to stop these marketing calls without losing my Bell service calls in case of interruption of service, advance warnings, etc... Well, now they actually have a do not call list specifically for marketing calls! Guess who's numbers are on that list now!!?!!!

I wonder if Mr. Alexander Graham Bell would have invented the telephone if he had known what uses it would be turned to. The telephone is one of these inventions that has completely taken over our lives. Between the cell phones and the home phones, you are never disconnected. So making sure that marketing calls do not encroach on my life, I added my phone numbers to the National Do Not Call List. I can vouch for this program, it works and very well. The only calls that come through now are the ones for political party announcements which if they showed a number I'd report it to the do not call list. I'll make my own choices thank you.

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