Tuesday, April 26, 2011


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Earlier today, I read an article about hoarding yarn, fabric, etc.. One of the commenters said the following: 
“I told my husband there is a special place in heaven for men married to women who crochet (and collect yarn). He just rolled his eyes.”
I still have tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard I had to run for the bathroom!
That is so my husband! 
He grew up with a knitter/crocheter so he knows about SABLE ! Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy
I inherited his mom’s small collection of knitting and crocheting paraphernalia when she passed away in 2001. Thankfully, he along with my daughter and my best friend are enablers. 
One person called the various collections that we choose to ignore Elephants...

As for Elephants, oh yes, we have quite a few between the 2 of us.

Collections that he will never part with...
  1. Assorted painted miniatures of fictional characters along with the supplies for painting such.
  2. Enough books to start our own lending library (about 1/4 are mine) LOL
  3. Computer parts, old monitors and ancient towers
  4. Magic the Gathering decks from when he competed
  5. Poker paraphernalia
  6. Board games! lots of board games we never play anymore! : ( stored in MY bedroom/office/craft room. My bedroom is NOT THAT BIG!
  7. Graphic Novel (Comic book) collection
Collections I will never part with...
  1. stamp collection
  2. yarn and yarn accessories: breakdown of yarn: 10 large rubbermaid bins, 4 large boxes, 3 under the bed type storage bags, 8 reusable shopping bags, 2 large fabric bags and a nylon laundry bag. Most of which is stored in my bedroom that also serves as the office. OH, and my daughter is bringing another bin’s worth of yarn. See above about enablers LOL My daughter found one of these vintage hinged velvet-lined carrying cases 2nd hand that has multiple storage boxes within. It’s packed with knitting/crochet paraphernalia.
  3. 61 gigabytes of patterns, magazines, books, photos about knitting and crochet on a separate drive (computer has 2 hard drives and 2 external drives)
  4. the 1/4 portion of books of which about 1/4 are about knitting and crochet
  5. a plastic reusable shopping bag filled with fabric for lining hats, dresses, bags & purses
  6. tiny wind up toys which my BFF enables me! :)
  7. beading supplies stored in a 3-drawer bin on casters (could use one more)
We live in a small apartment and storage is at a premium. No storage locker so it all has to live with us. For most days, I can easily ignore the collections, but other days I would give anything to have an extra room that I could store everything in and not have to look at it all the time! Don't take me wrong, I love my yarn to bits! I just would like to not have it stare at me in the face wherever I turn LOL

There seems to be an afinity for nerds/geeks and fiber lovers to attract each other.
May be because we are hoarders at heart?
Don’t speak a normal language? and we understand each other on a cellular level?
Whatever it is, I love it!

Do you have one of those you share your life and living space with?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another year gone by....

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When I write about my sister's passing, it's because of 2 things.

I cannot forgive myself for not going to her earlier, to be at least able to tell her just how much I love her and to say goodbye. This year brought this back to me after watching the Japanese people fight their way through the most horrible earthquake and tsunami to hit in many years, even worse in magnitude than the Haiti earthquake, worst than hurricane Katrina's devastation of New Orleans. But what struck me as very different was the way the Japanese stoically took it all in, did their best to continue with life as best they could. Something amazing in the face of devastation on a grander scale. The quiet acceptance, the pride, the courage to carry on, helping each other out. All those traits I saw in my sister's battle with cancer. And the videos of the devastation in Japan brought it all back to me as if it was just days ago that my sister passed away, quietly, with dignity.

And the second reason... I miss you Rox, so very very much. I know you are watching over me. I thank you for the gifts you send me along the way. The way people come across my path, people I can help even in a small way. I thank you for those and I hope you keep sending me more. Maybe, just maybe, this way I can redeem myself for not being there for you when you really needed me.

Relai pour la vie
Relay for Life - My sister
Her wings - Now she has real ones
1969 - 2009

Rest in peace dearest sister. I am doing my best to walk in your footsteps each and every day.