Friday, June 24, 2011

SCNA9 is the jerkiest gene in the planet

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A friend sent me this link to an article announcing that the SCNA9 gene is the jerkiest gene in the planet. Since it seems that they have now determined that this is the gene responsible for neuropathy, I'd like to send it back. Mine's working overtime!

But until they can discover some kind of miracle cure, I'll stick with taking my amitriptylenes. I've had the "burning man" description and I agree completely, it's beyond any kind of pain scale anyone can come up with except maybe for this one.

Realistic Pain scale

I've woken up with every inch of my skin screaming in pain and it literally felt like I was on fire. What woke me up was a nightmare where I was being chased by a giant wielding a sword made entirely with flames. I couldn't run fast enough to get away and I woke up as the blade came down on my back. I wanted to scream but the pain was so bad I could only gasp. I guess it was my brain trying to deal with the overflow of false pain messages the nerves were sending.

Hmm... I think this pain scale would also be good for my poor husband considering the muffled screaming I hear more often that I want to admit and there's not a dang thing anyone can do about it. Poor guy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June already! SHEESH!

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Well, latest update for us. We are now officially on Ontario Works (welfare). My doctor has filled out all the paperwork to get me a special diet allowance and also the paperwork for work exemptions. After talking with my worker late this afternoon, she suggested that it might be a good idea to bring the ODSP application package to my doctor and see if he'll fill it out. It would make life a lot easier for us.
At this point, OW covers our drug expenses which is a boon. For the 1st time since I was diagnosed with diabetes I actually have all the tools to take care of myself and it feels wonderful! With drug expenses covered, we've actually got a wee bit of money to spare now compared to none in the past! Let's hope this doesn't come crashing down around us. I know, skeptic, but believe me, if you were in my shoes, you'd be wondering too. I've had the carpet yanked out from under my feet so many times now, I keep looking over my shoulder.

On other news, I'm learning or have learned filet crochet and I love it! The design options are huge! I've got several projects on the go right now involving filet crochet components. Since I plan on publishing these patterns, I'm not going to go into too many details. At least I can say one is a blanket and the other is a woman's top. 

I've also come to learn how to reverse engineer clothing that's already made being displayed in photos. And also to figure out vintage pattern jargon. All these are a tremendous help when designing a pattern. Let's face it, there's only so many ways you can make a top or a blanket or a skirt, etc... so it comes down to stitch choices and colours. I base my patterns more on stitch design than colour since everyone prefers certain colours over others and why limit a knitter or crocheter when there are so many colours to choose from? Same goes for yarn types. Why make someone feel bad because they can't afford the more expensive yarns for specific projects. I'd rather leave the type of yarn chosen to the person who will make the pattern. Personally, I don't have the funds to buy pricier yarns, I depend largely on my daughter and my best friend supplying me with over stocks and low cost yarns or second hand yarns. Why not repurpose yarn which I've done in the past. Buying a sweater that was still quite good but the design was atrocious. I've ripped many sweaters back in order to reuse the yarn, still do when I happen to see one at the 2nd hand store. I doubt I'll ever be a yarn snob since for most of what I design, I prefer acrylic. It's easier to work with, doesn't stretch or shrink and is great for kids clothing. The only time I'd prefer using wool or alpaca, etc is for winter accessories like hats, scarves, mittens, cowls etc.. Nothing beats wool or alpaca when it comes to keeping the cold away from your skin.

Soon I should be able to post photos of these projects as well as others that are currently in the works. The design process is quite organic for me. I have an idea, I write it down and sketch what my mind has conjured up. I leave it for a while since it's not fully worked out yet, and every once in a while, something will pop up and back I go to my notebook to add to the original idea. I liken it to making a stew LOL except that in this case, my brain is the stewing pot!

I've also been rather busy test knitting and crocheting new designs for SmoothFox. I always love testing her patterns since they are so well written out and beautiful and useful. Take the time to go visit her blog. Down the right hand side you will see a huge list of free patterns as well as patterns you can purchase. It will be time well spent.

Another bit of news, although this one is quite sad. A crochet icon passed away yesterday. Jean Leinhauser was a prolific crocheter. She published a multitude of books, co-owned a huge group on yahoo with Rita Weiss called Crochet Partners. She was also very active with CGOA (crochet gild of america) as a judge and reviewer for crocheters applying for their master licensing. She always had time to answer a question relating to crochet. I had the pleasure of receiving a few of her supportive emails over the years and cherish those. She brought crochet to all of us in a simple yet well thought out process. She will be missed by all of us who crochet. Doris Chan, another crochet icon posted on her blog. What she says covers it all as far as I'm concerned. RIP Jean. We will miss you but as Doris said, we will continue to smile and soldier on.

Photos of Jean are rare considering there were only 3 when I did an image search on Google. The one I did find has Jean in the center square where she belongs.
Jean Leinhauser, 2nd from left and her best friend Rita Weiss, far right. The dynamic duo!
If you knew Jean, you also know she loved her dogs. Anyone wanting to make a donation, in kind or items made, please pass them on to your local animal shelter in Jean's name. Thank you