Friday, September 16, 2011

Water under the bridge & A New Beginning

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I know, it's been a while... a long long while... ok, so I've been avoiding posting here. Why you ask? or wonder? Because I felt that I had nothing of interest to post. My situation in life is dire at the moment, literally living from hand to mouth and even that is precarious. So instead of posting something depressing, I avoided it by not posting at all.

I am grateful for my family and friend who have been supportive to the enth. Without them, we would be much worse off and believe me, we're a hair's breath away from rock bottom.

So after all this, why am I posting?

Well, for quite a while now I've been designing patterns using crochet. I have quite a collection of patterns that I've been terrified to publish because as my own worst critic, I felt they were not good enough. But with prodding from various people and encouragement I'm finally going to do just that, publish my patterns! Some will be free, some will be for sale. So without further ado, I present you with my new crochet blog Lokipan Crochet Designs 

I will be posting all my crochet related work there and keep this blog as my personal blog. At times, this one may not be as busy since I will be very busy with designing new patterns, testing them, etc..

You may wonder, why the name Lokipan ...Well, I am a long time retired dairy farmer, our stock was not the usual cows but close to 400 dairy goats. They are inquisitive, gregarious, intelligent and tricky animals, hence the Loki part, and Pan is the god of goat/sheep herders. It all fit neatly together. When I think of the name, I think warm, friendly, loving thoughts. I miss my goats especially every spring. That was when we would be deluged with kids, such beautiful, warm, cuddly babies, completely entrusting themselves to my arms. There is nothing in this world that smells nicer than a newborn kid. The only way I can describe it, think of a warm sunshiny day, fresh cut hay, a light breeze blowing off the lake over the fields. That is the smell of a baby goat.

So join me on my designing journey!
I look forward to seeing you soon at Lokipan Crochet Designs