Thursday, November 3, 2011

CBC's 75th anniversary - Childhood Memories

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November 2nd was the 75th anniversary of the CBC. Part of The National's news broadcast was a look back at the shows that people watched.

I had completely forgotten about these childhood shows until I saw clips of them. A flood of memories reminded me of the black and white TV we watched during breakfast, supper and the evenings. At that time, the TV was in the large farm kitchen, the better for my mother to watch over my brother and I while she did dishes, cooked and cleaned.
Most Canadians know The Friendly Giant, and Mr Dressup. But for the most part, only french speaking Canadians remember these 60's shows.

Bobino et Bobinette
A show about a brother and sister, the brother always good, the sister, not so good. He would help her out of whatever scrape she got herself into with lesson learned.

A puppet with his friend the bear who would only have one word menum menum. Today's generation would think we were nuts to love this show LOL

A doll who sat on a bit chair with a book of stories with a lesson learned from each. I watched part of an episode and can't fathom for the life of me what I saw in this show. LOL

La Souris Verte
Dix moutons Neuf moineaux Huit marmottes Sept lapins Six canards Cinq fourmis Quatre chats Trois poussins Deux belettes Et une souris Une souris verte! This was the intro song.

Sol et Gobelet
Two of the most hilarious characters ever seen. The show was live and full of ad libs which meant the studio cameras had to adapt quickly.

A Japanese show about a hero who fought invaders. Yes, even then I was a nerd and watched sci-fi LOL

I know most english speaking readers will have no clue about these shows. It's ok, I look at english children's shows from back then and don't get it :)