Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All about her heart

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I have a daughter, a beautiful kind hearted wonderful courageous daughter.
She arrived in this world today, many years ago.
She greeted me with a smile and a sigh before going back to sleep.
She greeted me with love and trust in her eyes, that I promised to uphold each and every day.
She gave me her heart to hold, to love, to cherish and protect.
She gave me her soul.

I watched her grow up
I watched her figure out her way in this world,
I watched her crash and waited
I helped when she asked

I stood by, calmly and patiently waiting for the angel within her to grow and come out.
I hid my aching heart watching the difficult moments she lived through
I sent my love, on wings of angels, hoping that it would be felt and strength gained from it.

My arms are always open to comfort, understand, love.
My heart is always with her, every day a new challenge to overcome
My smile is always ready
My kiss, always warm on her forehead irregardless of what life throws at us.

To my beautiful daughter,
May she never be taken for granted.



The little girl in this video reminded me so much of my own daughter at that age. The quiet dancing, from the heart, from her soul. I had to share this as I only have the video in my mind which is much more difficult to share :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Karen from your mamasamm! :)

Karen said...

Thank you so much mom, beautiful poem :D

Thank you MamaSamm! :D