Friday, October 31, 2008

The Frog Pond

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Well, the Not Quite Straight Scarf has hit a bad curve that's sent it to the frog pond. I actually hit the curve and it went this way.
  1. I lost track of what pattern row I was on and got this weird wave effect again.
  2. I couldn't find where I'd veered off the pattern row count.
  3. As I worked with the chosen yarn (Sears Sayelle) I got more and more dissatisfied with the results. The scarf felt rough instead of soft and pliable. Not good.
So it went to the big ole frog pond in the sky. I'm reserving the yarn for knitting cat toys. At least Gambit won't care if it's rough. He likes it rough...

I am in the process of paging through my Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery by Mildred Graves Ryan that I purchased 25 or so years ago. You can tell I've used it a lot. It has coffee stains on some pages, turned down pages, bookmarks with notes written on them and paper clips where I ran out of bookmarks. It's a fantastic book with hundreds of stitch patterns to choose from.

I'm looking for a reversible stitch pattern that will look good on either side of the scarf. I'm picky though; since I want to finish the scarf asap, I don't want to do anything that has cables in it since it takes me too long to do cable work but I want something more than just a plain stockinette stitch. I may have found something.... just need to figure it out. More to come

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