Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pet clothing

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In a previous post, I had done a review of Garn Studios' Drops Designs. I had posted some really cute patterns for dogs and none for cats. Someone commented that they were quite disapointed in the fact that there we no cat patterns. To remedy this, I have scoured the web for cat related patterns and here they are.

Adventures in knitting has a lovely pattern called "Poppy Cat Sweater"

This should make any kitty who hates the cold feel all warm and cozy.

If you really are into patterns for and about cats, the following book would be of interest to you. This book was published January 2008. It's called, what else, Kitty Knits.

Excerpt from Kitty Knits.
The first knitting book entirely devoted to the funny, furry felines in our lives. Discover creative ways to knit up practical projects for kitties to love and cat-themed designs for owners to enjoy. Just like cat batting at a ball of yarn, it's a perfect match. Over 20 projects feature items for cats, their people, and their homes -- along with adorable photos of cats with their knitted treasures. Choose from toys, beds, mats, and more for cats, plus feline-inspired sweaters, hats, pillows, and bags for cat-loving knitters. Find projects in a variety of styles and skill levels, from felted designs to Fair Isle patterns.

Another lovely idea for your kitty is a Kitty Pi bed from Wendy Knits . Wendy takes you through the knitting of this lovely cozy bed step by step. It's an easy knit and a great stash buster since you can use any left over wool yarns you may have.

Some judicious felting, stretching and pulling to give it a nice deep flat-bottomed bowl shape and you have one happy kitty. I guarantee that any kitty who curls up in one of these will not want to come out for months. This would make a very nice gift to a cat owner for their little bundle of joy.

I hope this helps all cat lovers out there find some interesting gift ideas for their furry babies.

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