Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday night

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Anyone who says cats can't smile.... I offer the following proof!

Serious                                          Smiling
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Now isn't that a face you could just kiss?!

He always loves to lay in whatever yarn I'm working with or at the least when he's been denied the yarn bed, alongside of my leg so he can feel my elbow on his back while I'm knitting or crocheting. He's also a camera hog when I want to take photos of my work. But who could say no to that face?!!

This afternoon, I decided to put my new ball winder to the test. I've used it a few times before and wasn't happy about the fact that it has issues handling a 50 gram ball of worsted weight. I had been puzzling on how to resolve that issue and I figured it out! What I needed was to extend the bole of the piece where the yarn winds onto. I found a cardboard toilet paper tube fits over the original bole but it had to fit snuggly. 5 of those veggy elastics (the ones wrapped around the cauliflower) carefully applied on top of each other around the plastic bole and the toilet paper tube fit snuggly with no wiggle. I notched the tube just like the plastic one, attached my yarn and started winding. It works!!! It can now handle a 50 gram ball of ww yarn with no issues. I keep an eye on the winding yarn to make sure it's going where it should and let the yarn run through the fingers of my right hand from the ball to make sure it doesn't snag or have knots. Here is the fruit of my work! Gorgeous balls of fire engine red yarn all made up into pretty cakes.

Now I have yarn to start testing a 12x12 crochet square for SmoothFox!... and no Gambit in sight! Uh oh, spoke too soon, here he is looking up at me begging to be allowed on the desk so he can snuggle the yarn. Should I?


Anonymous said...

Yeah. You should let him up. :) What a beautiful face Gambit has! I'm glad the ball winder works. s

Anonymous said...

I don;t know anyone who could resist that face!