Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cheer up song #3

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Whoever said you only like music from your own generation was full of crap!

Case in point, me. I love music, yes, I was a teenager during the Disco era, but that's not the only kind of music I enjoy listening to. Today, with youtube, people have taken the creative process of making music to a new level. Browsing through youtube, you find gems along the way.

Like the above track from a composer who will likely never be published except on YouTube. Digitalpiece has 9 creations on YouTube which are download-able. Bonus for us! Well worth looking up this artist or even adding him to your favorites since I'm sure he will be publishing more gems along the way.

This song isn't so much about cheering up but more about thinking through things and giving you hope for the future. At least this is how it makes me feel.



Pink Feather Paradise said...

its very Robert Miles and the beginning reminds me of Vangelis... I love the soundtrack to Blade Runner... and Robert Miles music was apparently designed to be played at nightlubs at the end to calm the ravers down...

X Alex

MarieAnge said...

Very true!

I'd forgotten about Robert Miles and you are right. It very much is reminiscent of his music.

I can just imagine, all night long, ravers are getting their brains blasted and the last few songs are this. That would calm down anything! LOL