Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 knitting & crocheting review

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Going through the photographs tonight, I realised I've been quite busy this past year. These are just a few of the items I made in 2009.

There are a few that I particularly enjoyed knitting/crocheting; my daughter's Red Riding Hoodie, my niece's granny square top, my son's skull fingerless mitts, Samm's blue sheep and my wee sil's pink dress and shrug.

In 2009, I finally completed my first sweater using a pattern I adapted.

The piece that took the most from me emotionally was my Sister's Adamas shawl. Sadly, she never got to wear it before cancer finally claimed her. The shawl is with me and will be cherished for years.

Items I knit and or crocheted this past year:

  1. Red Riding Hoodie from DomiKNITrix
  2. Cave Girl bikini from Naughty Needles
  3. Viva la Violet Dress from Knit n Style issue June 2007
  4. Shrug sz 4/6 to match the above dress, my own design
  5. A baby wrap shawl Taylor by t does wool #
  6. A cell phone cozie, my own design
  7. A blueberry bag, my own design
  8. A strawberry bag, my own design
  9. A lovely blue sheep (Sheep in Sheep's Clothing by Frankie Brown)
  10. Pumpkins
  11. 3 sets of wristwarmers for co-workers using Twist on the wristwarmers by Diana Troldahl #
  12. Basketweave scarf, my own design
  13. Slouchie hats x3, my own design
  14. Owl neckwarmer, adapted from Owl Hat & Bag
  15. Fancy victorian style wristwarmers x3 for co-workers
  16. Bebop Cardi by Lion Brand Yarn
  17. Cushman Top by Kim Biddix
  18. A felted kitty binkie for Gambit, my own design
  19. Kaleidoscope eyes scarf, my own design
  20. Pools of color scarf, my own design
  21. A crochet cap by Teresa from The Art of Crochet
  22. First pair of real socks! from the International Socks of Doom pattern
  23. A teeny tiny turtle, pattern by Pear-kitten
  24. 2 chemo caps for my dear sister from Lacy Chemo caps
  25. 6 matching sets of the Travelling bivalves Cowl by Jenny Raymond (1 set each for mother/daughters in my life)
  26. A couple dozen washcloths using a stitch I developed
  27. Halloween faces and garlands, 24 double-sided faces, 12 twirlies and one garland
  28. Kitty Kat hat
  29. Assorted stuffed animals; catamara and a jubjub which garnered 1st and 2nd place wins respectively on Neopets
  30. A couple of Calorimetry hats
  31. Adamas Shawl x2
  32. One skein baby hooded sweater
  33. Pocketbook slippers, 6 pairs
#Pattern available on Ravelry

There are likely several that I've missed in the list. Items that were made and given away before I even thought of taking a photograph.

Items that remain to be completed in 2010:
  • My son's skull blanket (only the 24 skull squares are left to knit) the 24 border squares are done (my own design inspired by DomiKNITrix skull chart)
  • A plastic bag dispenser for my daughter (my own design)
  • A pair of socks for me (International Sock of Doom)
  • The giraffe from "Itty bitty toys"
  • Totoro
  • The Heelhead scarf for my husband's best friend Nick
  • The Kenobi Jacket for hubby (needs to be frogged and restarted)
  • A raspberry bag, my own design
Not too shabby considering the crappy year it's been otherwise. I guess I could call this the silver lining to the black cloud that insists on hovering over our lives these days. I just hope that 2010 will see that cloud dissipate and a fair breeze blows good things our way.

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