Monday, October 11, 2010

School kills creativity

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A friend pointed this talk out to me. I watched, I laughed, I nodded in agreement.

I always believed that children should be allowed to express their creativity freely as long as it doesn't put anyone or themselves in danger.

I remember when my daughter was in kindergarten, the teacher pointing out to me that she was not using the "right" colours in her pictures. She showed me the picture and I didn't see anything wrong with it and said as much. She pointed to a beautiful sky filled with green clouds, a teal lake, blue trees with yellow trunks and orange grass. That all those were not "proper" colors. I asked her what she thought were proper colors and she responded in the expected manner, blue sky, green grass, blah blah.. so I asked her "what if this is the colours she sees?" are we supposed to retrain her brain to see only those colors in relation to the object? To me that is killing creativity at it's most fundamental. 


Anonymous said...

Yes. I like creative thinking myself. :) That teacher needed a course in seeing things through others' eyes! s

Karen said...

I actually remember that picture... and many others, of a house and my block horses! odd things to remember. :D

I love you and appreciate your time and encouragement for my creativity!