Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quick Update: My darling daughter's visit!

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I know I promised I'd post photos from my daughter's visit and I have full intentions to do that, just not quite yet. I need to go through all the photos and pick which ones I want to use. I also realised to my dismay that I did not take very many photos and too much video. Bleh! Maybe I can get my darling husband to (not sure how it's done) grab photos from the videos. So I will be back soon with photos!

I do have a few that I did get with my camera.

These are the hot pads, dishcloths and coasters along with a super cute dish washing liquid bottle cover up. The dishcloths have already graduated from the kitchen to the bathroom. She absolutely loves how nice they feel. She was also super happy with the coasters since she'd been looking for some.

Dish cloths, Coasters & Hot Pads
The Caribbean Topper, from the back.
The Caribbean topper that I finished back in August. She finally got to model it! It's an absolute perfect fit! and she loves the buttons I made. One set was used to close the front and one set went to tailor the back. Very pretty.
The Caribbean Topper. A perfect fit!
A super cute jacket I found @ a 2nd hand store
This really cute black velveteen top with a frilled bottom was also a huge success. I came across it at a 2nd hand store and just could not walk away without it. I am so glad I did get it. I was worried it might not have fit but it's a perfect tailor made fit.

Blown up doily throw
Not even quite sure what to call it LOL a top, a short dress, a jacket... I guess it all depends how and where you wear it. So many possibilities and knowing my darling daughter, she will try every mix :)

Blown up doily wrap
She also knew she was getting a nice throw but this was the first time she'd seen it. As you can see by the huge grin, she's loving it. This pattern came from Crochet Soiree, I blew up the Starlight doily into a fantastic looking throw or wrap depending on the mood. Gorgeous color for her too!

She also received some very original cosplay hats. Photos will eventually come to my blog once I publish the patterns.

There were a few more items that again, I won't be posting photos until they are published.

And last but not least, an awesome piece of news. Most of you know I was recently diagnosed with FMS. I did my best to keep up with the chores and errands but as the months went by, things just piled up and I couldn't keep up. I'm still figuring out how to pace myself! My darling daughter after discussing it with her husband has told me she will be coming over to help me every 4 to 6 weeks! That to me is the absolutely bestest news I could have received. Thanks to my beautiful darling daughter :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! Guess what!!! I have the same little gold crock that you have beside the door! :) Daughter looks thrilled with all her gifts. I'm loving the blue vest. It fits so nicely it must have been made specially for her, right? :) I was trying to remember the name of the doily you made into a throw, and there it is, after I looked at patterns for ten minutes trying to find it. Argh! I'm so glad you two had a special happy day together. s

MarieAnge said...

Yes, the vest is tailored to fit her, but I was still nervous since constructing clothing to be fitted without having the model there for periodical try-ons can be nerve racking.

I have/had (can't remember which) the larger version of the little crock. I had found both in a midden on the farm I grew up on. After some cleaning, soaking, etc... I had 2 beautiful antique jars.

The pattern is the Starlight Doily which can be found on the Crochet Soirée website under the free patterns.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

You are a braver lady than I... I have been tempted to try crochet'd garments but I haven't had the nerve yet... I love the blue top and the enlarged doiley is a fantastic idea... I can quite believe the dish cloth has migrated to the bathroom they look fantastic... and the black outfit should also go down well with her husband when he see her in it! ;D

You have a beautiful daughter and she looks absolutely chuffed to pieces at hte wonderful things you lovingly made her... how you kept them secret for so long is beyond me ... I am useless at keeping things till the time they should be given... I get too excited and give early! lol

big hugs to you and yours