Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Crochet

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Talk about last minute presents!!!

A 3 year old little girl who loves pink and snowflakes!
What to make?
Of course, a hat, scarf and mittens!
And which pattern to choose from?
Smoothfox's of course!

I used the easiest hat pattern ever.
Just follow this link and you too can enjoy making this super warm super easy hat.
Just check out the name LOL Brain Dead Easy Short Row Hat
Scroll down the right side of her blog and you will find the pattern listed under free patterns. The hat was amazingly easy to crochet. I added a white snowflake taken from the Sugar scarf motif so it looks like a snowflake landed on her cute little head. I also added an earflap piece that wraps around to the other ear giving extra warmth for her neck. The flap can be turned inside when it's not needed and still gives extra warmth over the ears.

I then decided to use another one of her patterns for the scarf.
The Sugar Scarf. Same deal as above, scroll down to the list of free patterns on the right side of her blog and you will find it listed under free patterns. I added a snowflake on both sides of the last snowflake on one end of the scarf. It makes it easier to pull through the open spaces between each snowflake. Makes the scarf adjustable and there's no chance of it falling off since it's joined. The scarf is long enough to be wrapped around her head twice and still be able to thread the last snowflake through an opening at the other end. She should be nice and cozy all winter :)

For the mittens, I designed my own pattern. I wasn't happy with the mitten patterns I'd found searching through the internet. They turned out quite cute, especially after I sewed on a downsized version of the Sugar scarf snowflake into the palm of each hand. That way she's always caught a snowflake.
Unfortunately, the only photos I have are of the hat and scarf modelled by my big baby doll. Still all looks very cute. 

And to finish off, I designed a crocheted kitty toy for her to have and take along wherever she goes. She loves kitties and this one will definitely be a favorite.! I used eyelash yarn together with the yarn I'd used for the kitty to crochet the tail. It turned out very cute and curly twirly. A little girl's dream come true.

My apologies for wonky photos and layout. Blogger decided it wasn't going to resize the photos or place them where I put them.

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Anonymous said...

The set turned out great! I know the little girl is going to love all of it. :) Super job! samm