Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fun with crochet testing new patterns!

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This is what I've been working on for the past couple of months. Several test crochets for a wonderful designer and some projects of my own. I cannot get over how much time as slipped away. We're already in the last month of 2010 and I have no clue where most of it went.

Lemony Lime Citrus Square 12 x 12
First, the test crochet projects for Smoothfoxlover aka Donna. This lady develops some of the prettiest crochet designs and I love love love testing them for her.

First up, I made the Lemony Lime Citrus Square 12 x 12, and you can find the details here in a previous post. The pattern is available free, just click on the name of the pattern above and it will take you to Smoothfox's blog.

Foxs Shape Shifter Blanket

The next project I tested was Foxs Shape Shifter blanket which is available for purchase. Simply follow the link by clicking on the pattern name. This was a great crochet project since I have 2 brand new nephews.

Foxs Mulberry Bush 12 x 12
Following the blanket, I tested this lovely square called Foxs Mulberry Bush 12 x 12 square. It's available free on her site, simply click on the pattern name and it will take you to her lovely site. Look around and explore all the gorgeous patterns listed on the right. Some are free, some are for purchase only, but definitely affordable.

Foxs Neapolitan Ice Cream 12 x 12

For my next test crochet came the Neapolitan Ice cream 12 x 12 square, again, it was a pleasure to crochet! It's available from Donna's etsy shop or her Ravelry shop, both links are on her blog, just follow the link by clicking on the pattern name.

Foxs Daisy Four Patch 12 x 12

The next test crochet was a lot of fun since I ended up making enough for a cushion. The square is called Foxs Daisy Four Patch 12 x 12. It is quite versatile as it has different sizes depending on where you stop crocheting the squares. You can make four  5 x 5 squares, assemble them, complete a few rounds around the 4 conjoined squares, and you get a very nice 12 x 12. Or you can keep crocheting until your squares are 6 x 6 or continue for a  7 x 7. So many ways to use these and you can get rid of a lot of odds and ends of yarn you would otherwise have sitting in your stash for eons. Each centre piece only takes a very small amount of yarn and you can vary the color of those to make the daisies. Great pattern and lots of fun to make. 

Foxs Nonagon Blanket
This was followed by Foxs Nonagon Blanket test crochet. Another pleasure to create and you can keep going past the last row of the pattern and create a super huge blanket. The pattern makes a very nice conveniently sized blanket to be used in strollers and car seats. Great for using up various colors as well. This pattern is available to purchase by clicking the pattern name. 

Foxs Diagonal Box Stitch square 6 x

Then it was Foxs Diagonal Box Stitch square. I had a lot of fun making this square. Once you learn the pattern, it's easy to do as a take along on the bus, car, waiting at Dr's offices, etc. The pattern is available free, just click on the link that will take you to her blog where you can download the pattern. Another great stashbuster for using up all those odds and ends of cotton and acrylic. So many things that can be made using this base pattern!

Foxs Spiral Blanket Nbr 2
Then it was the turn for a couple of blankets. The first one is Foxs Spiral blanket Nbr 2 Very simple pattern and once the spiral is established, one that can be made in a few evenings while watching a movie. I used 2 strands of baby yarn for the white and love how soft and cushy it feels. The pattern is available for purchase via Donna's site, simply click on the name of the pattern that will take you directly to her blog. The second blanket has not been released yet.
Foxs Pineapple Scarf

The next project to test was a lovely scarf named Foxs Pineapple Scarf. I used a blend of mohair and acrylic to make my version and it turned out beautiful. I had just enough yarn to make a quick hat to go with it. Lots of fun to make in a couple of evenings. This has become my go to scarf pattern for quick gifts with the versatility it has using different yarns. The pattern is available for purchase by simply following the above link by clicking on the pattern name.

And last but by no means least is Foxs Cutie Pie Flower 6 x 6 square. One of the cutest squares I've tested so far. Easy and fast to make. I can see this becoming part of a variety of items like a scarf, blanket, bag, vest. The pattern is available for purchase by clicking on the above link.
Foxs Cutie Pie Flower 6 x 6

There are a few more projects currently being tested and will post about these when they are released. I highly recommend Donna's patterns to anyone looking for quality and well designed crochet items as well as easy to follow patterns with no hoops to jump through. Take a look through her blog, you won't regret it. She is a prolific designer so there's always something new on her blog.

I have some of my own crochet projects that I completed while doing the test crocheting. I'll post about those another day since my head is killing me right now. But Enjoy the photos and go visit Donna's blog!


Anonymous said...

Your post is a lovely tribute to Donna, Smoothfox! I've seen most of these projects under construction and finished and they are special and beautiful. Will you put together all the squares you test and make a blanket? :) samm

MarieAnge said...

Eventually, yes :)

I've been keeping all the squares and will assemble them when I have enough. It will be a very special blanket.