Monday, April 6, 2009

Art & Crochet

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ART The standard definition:

The application of skill to the production of the beautiful by imitation or design, or an occupation in which skill is so employed, as in painting and sculpture.

That leaves out a lot doesn't it.

In my opinion, art is the physical manifestation of the sights, sounds that your mind interprets, your thoughts and feelings. This can be expressed in the usual ways, as above, through paint and sculpture but also in a thousand other medias or mix thereof.

What of the native beadworker. The work produced is viewed as functional yet it is art. Never 2 pieces will be exactly the same even on the same piece of clothing or adornment. Each piece has it's own power, it's own small piece of the beadworker's soul in it.

What of the knitter or crocheter. The clothing designed by hand knitters and crocheters are again works of art and beauty. They are an expression of the designers thoughts and feelings. What I find of larger interest is the artists who use fiber to express themselves. I came across one such artist while searching for crochet patterns for flowers.

She produces some of the most original, fresh works I've seen in a long time. She takes events and interprets them with yarn and crochet. For instance, her feelings over the big solution on keeping terrorists out of the US, The Fence. Ceci created vignettes from crochet showing the lunacy of this solution. She has found ways of expressing her views using only yarn and a hook as the media and manages extremely well in conveying her thoughs and feelings on a variety of subjects. Take a look at her book completely done in crochet. How can anyone not call this art?

Another piece she executed and donated to the Empty Bowls fund raiser in Houston. The piece entitled "Let Them Eat Soup" was exquisite in it's expression of how empty a bowl or life can be and reminds us that not everyone has a full belly before bed.

She also participates in a challenge group known as Textile Tuesday. The group has weekly challenges where each participant endeavours to produce an artists view point of the challenge of the week. One of the pieces I especially enjoyed is Forest Tea. I love her compositions done exclusively in crochet. Each part of the finished piece is expressive and beautiful to behold.

And speaking of expressing emotions, she crochets the most intriguing faces. Each one is different, expressive and is a window into the artist's soul.

You must go and see the rest of her work here! Leave comments, how else is an artist supposed to know if people like her work?

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