Monday, April 27, 2009

Dedicated to the Memory of Aunt Roxanne

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written by my daughter
17 April, 2009

Days of sun, days of ball
along with Baby Roxy,
On the farm, hear the call
"Strike Through!" from the Umpire

Days of work, days of seeking
Single halter lost in a field
Boring walking; someones peeking
Baby Roxy must go too!

Here she comes, the little pursuer
Approaching the drainage ditch
A leap too short, a smell of sewer
Bright Pink pants, covered in muck

Screaming, shrieking and howling
and mother yelling from the house
Brother and sister pull hard, scowling
as Baby Roxy pops right out

Shock and laughter fill the air
as the pop was more like a fart
disgruntled giggles from Roxy fair
situation....., though dirty.., settled.

Big sister and brother get on the bus
Little Roxy running fast to catch up
Wishing to give them goodbye fuss
The kiss of snot.... Yvon was given

Years go by, with sadness and joy
House burns down, replaced with new
A new born baby, a little boy
Here comes Martini and Roxy!

Decades fly by, in speeds undefined
Tenderly and lovingly, a girl is born
She grows, so beautiful and kind
Bouncing and bubbling, a boy is born

Small bundles of love, so quickly grown
Going to school and becoming adults
Frederick excels in school, without a groan
Genevieve grows strong, just like Mom

Then one day, a lump was found
in a breast, which wasn't supposed to be
doctors and nurses does Roxy astound
for she beats it back, blasts it away!

Life continues sneaking from behind
Time flies by, without a sound
Genevieve graduates from grade eight
Serene, joyful and beautiful in her gown.

Then It came, unwelcomed, unwanted
Pain flaring up from everywhere at once,
Roxy is strong, she knew what she wanted
She would blast this one, just like the last

Cancer this time, was not as fair
it took no notice of her strength
though that made her glare
and fought on still, tooth and nail

In the end, she did not win,
although she did her best
so much, there could have been
but cancer was too aggressive.

Full of compassion, hateful she was not
She loved many things, with much passion
Her family and animals, her camping spot
Reading, colouring... so much love

We WILL remember her, for her strengths,
for her love, compassion and care
all the memories she graciously gave us
we will hold dear, within our hearts,

Till we meet again Roxy
for Daddy and his little girl
are back together, forever.

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Pipette's Mimi said...

oh this is beatiful..very well written.May Roxy's spirit rest in peace.