Monday, March 22, 2010

Oops what a goof!

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Back in January, I had mentioned that I'd post pictures of a horse purse I'd made for my wee sil's birthday. Well, I forgot! but I do have the pictures. So here they are.

And here they all are. The horse does stand on her feet, it was just easier to set it atop a big candle so I could just turn her and take photos without having to rearrange the mane every time. The saddle is held closed with a silver cabochon button and opens on each side to reveal a hiding spot for special things. What six year old girly girl wouldn't want her very own horse!
I stuffed the inside cavity with tons of hair baubles and cute clips since she has very long hair. She'll likely use some on her new friend too.

1 comment:

Pink Feather Paradise said...

She is beautiful, I have been crocheting mice... I think the cat felt left out so she has started bringing in live ones! arrhhhgggg!

x Alex