Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sobering thought on texting while driving

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I happened upon this rather graphic video of how an accident can happen while a person uses their cellphone while driving. It only takes a few seconds for disaster to strike . This video was made as a public message in the UK, but honestly, it applies to anyone anywhere in the world.

Instead of just showing the accident, it continues on to show the EMT response. It is graphic, no holds barred and I think long overdue.

I know this is a sobering thought with Easter just around the corner but I feel it is an important message when I see so many people using their cellphones while driving despite the new laws that have been passed. Some think they are smart by leaving the cellphone on their lap while texting friends, coworkers and family. But after watching this video, people should think twice about even looking at their cellphone while driving. The thing should be turned off, that's what voicemail and email is for.

For more information, this is the site with the public service announcement.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. This is a sobering message and should be shown to everyone! Thanks for posting it. s