Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Unforgetable memories

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I found this first video a while back and had it saved so I could watch it again. It is such a happy from the heart way of getting married. Certainly makes their wedding day unforgettable with friends and family participating in the walk down the aisle.

The second video which I came across today is supposedly 6 months later. Do not despair though, just enjoy and laugh along with the audience.

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Pink Feather Paradise said...

I have to say that the first one brought me to tears... when I aked my Mum and Dad if they would come to the Austrian Lakes for Mr P and I to get married Dad said no as he was stationed there during hte war and Mum just said "why don't you two just go of and do it and come back and tell us" I was gutted! and I think I still am 14 years later and still not married! :(

I think we will get married one day as I would like the same surname as everyone else in "my" family but I think we might go off on holiday get married while we are away and then I will come home and tell all my blogland friends first... lol

loving the divorce dance... I think the groom had been practicing! ;D

x Alex