Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My journey into miniatures

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I've always loved miniatures done in crochet and knitting. The movie Coraline really brought the making of miniatures to the foreground with the gorgeous sweaters hand made with tiny needles.

Since I do not have tiny needles like the ones seen in the video, I opted to do my first miniature using a 00 crochet hook. For "yarn" I used embroidery thread and depending what I was working on, I would use anywhere from 2 strands at a time to 8 strands. And since I couldn't even see the tip of the crochet hook I was using, I borrowed my husbands magnification lamp. Following are photos of my very first miniature I made of my own design.

OoOOoo look at the pretty little pannier with a tiny red heart top! 
And such a tiny one too!

I wonder what is in there!
Now who is this peeking out?

Well well well, look who came to play!

Just look at that tail! 
Don't you just love his pretty blue vest?
If little monkey is too warm, he can take his vest off.
Don't forget to tickle his wee belly button!

And he's no bigger than a thumb!

My little monkey in his pannier fits on a toonie!

I hope you enjoyed the photos of little monkey as much as I had making him. It took me 2 days from the construction of his pannier to adding the ball (button) to help stabilize him since I did not want to glue him to any kind of base.

And now little monkey has gone to live with mousie. I know he will be very happy there with all his new friends. Happy Birthday to my soulsister Samm!


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Wow.. he's teeny tiny....and beautiful...

and that lady doing the miniture jumpers, what eyesight she must have! lol

x Alex

MarieAnge said...

She uses the same equipment jewellers use for repairing jewelry.

Believe me, I wish I'd had one of those loupes when I made this little monkey. Sitting hunched over a magnifying lamp is hot work LOL But it was well worth it :)

Thank you Alex :)

Karen said...

This little guy is amazing mom!! :D :D Would make good key chain or even better, cell phone charms :D

Love you mom!!!