Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Did I forget to say "I LOVE Mondays!"

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Yes ladies and gents. Another Monday has come and gone.

My sister soul came to town and we had fun! Well, after this lady forgot where we were to meet that is.... I blame the fibromyalgia also known as fibrofog. We've decided that I'm writing on my hand where we're going to meet next time LOL

We got to show off our projects from the past few weeks. Gave feedback and intelligent suggestions :) and shared knowledge. That to me is my favorite part; sharing the knowledge we've gathered over the years.
I can't put up photos of my finished projects yet since a certain young lady is coming over on Wednesday! 
And yes Sammsis you can tease her some more LOL She can take it although I'm sure she's getting close to blowing up like a helium balloon from sheer anticipation LOL

Let's say the pile is growing since I added your presents to the list :) And I'm nooo'ttt telling!

We had lunch at the persian restaurant again, Delicious as always! Absolutely love the stewed eggplant and the chicken and mushrooms in yogurt sauce and the mound of delicious rice with mung beans! and the fresh green salad with tomatoes & cucumbers. A very healthy meal and low glycemic as well. That's always a bonus! I had to bring some back home for hubby, he loves it just as much as I do! I honestly think that if this was the only food we could have for the rest of our lives, we'd be happy. Toss in some fresh fruit, water, and we'd be set :)

I also ran by the Vietnamese market to pick up some much needed meat. Came home with a 10 lbs bag of onions for a whopping $1.99! Some beautiful local fresh broccoli heads for .99 a lb.  Baby cucumbers a dozen came to less than $2. A double handful of fresh picked spinach for .99.  Picked up a bag of longans at 1.99 a lbs. Those are some of the best fruits I've ever eaten. They are not too sweet, full of vitamins and easy to take along with you for snacking. Got some humongous deboned, deskinned chicken breasts, 3 breasts large enough to be turned into 7 meals! and the cost, $12.50. Also got extra lean beef mince at a $1.99 a lb., a pork loin for $12.63 that will be turned into 5 maybe 6 meals and 20 chicken wings for $5.75. The chicken wings will be used for Karen's special by request dish, my curried chicken wings! for her birthday celebration when she's here.

Then on Wednesday my darling daughter is coming with me to get the staples at No Frills. The stuff I only get once a month, sometimes longer between trips. It's a long trip, requires 2 buses to get there and with the fibro, I'm not too courageous stepping out on my own these days. So this will be perfect. We come home and it will be present opening time! and yes, I will take photos :) and hopefully a movie or two. 

It should be a really fun day and I'm really looking forward to it. Can you tell!?! :)


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Birthday wishes to your darling daughter, have a fabulous time and I am looking forward to seeing hte photo's... can't wait to see what you have made....

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Karen! And you two have fun tomorrow. That's an order!! from sammsis aka mamasamm :)