Monday, April 6, 2009

Financial Woes

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3 weeks, no work... what does that give you? Financial woes of course

I normally temp and the agency has had nothing come in all this time. I applied for employment insurance and that won't kick in until end of April.

So what to do in the meantime.
Tighten our belts.
Cancel things like cable, cell phone.
Comb the want ads and job sites for any local job in your field and apply.

Our biggest sticking point was food for our baby, Gambit.
Since the bank account is empty after paying rent, we had no money to buy cat food.

I belong to an online community called Ravelry. Within this community is a wonderful group called RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) where you post a wish list and if someone can help you, they do. This is purely volunteer of course. I posted about not having enough food for Gambit and 2 wonderful ladies responded and gave me a gift card each to buy food for our baby. Words alone cannot express my heartfelt thanks for this selfless act of kindness. I do know that I will pay this forward to someone else in the future since that is what RAKking is all about :)

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Anonymous said...

{{{{{{/Õ\}}}}}} An Angel Hug for you and kitty and family to see you thru the tough times.