Friday, February 26, 2010

Crochet Design Woes

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I have had this yarn for ages. A tangled mess that didn't seem to have any use. Baby yarn in pale shades of mauve, pink and white. It sat in a bag for the past couple of years, dropped in a storage container and forgotten. A week ago,  I was looking for some soft yarn that I could use to knit boobs for a pillow for my darling husband (whom btw sleeps on it every night now). Once the pillow was done, there was still a fair bit of yarn left. I decided to untangle the rest of the mess and wind it into balls for future use. While I was winding it, I remembered how soft it had been to knit with and things started to bubble in the old brain pan. I visualized a crochet top for my wee sister in law who turned 6 in January. 

I started playing with various crochet stitches, ripping back when I didn't like how it looked, poring over crochet stitch collections both online and in books and magazines to find the perfect stitches. I wanted a summery top, but one that could also be worn over a long or short sleeved shirt for cooler weather. So far I have the skirt part of the top done. It's turned out quite lovely. I love the pooling the yarn is doing. The picture is of the skirt part as well as my second attempt at the bodice section.

Now the trouble started. I did not have measurements for a size 6, nor do I know a size 6 girl that lives near enough for me to use her as a mannequin. What to do. I turned to my favorite resource for answers; Ravelry. In the forums section, there is a group for designers and there I found suggestions of sites that have sizing charts for all ages. Wonderful I thought! I'm including the links here for those who have been looking for this type of information. The first site is Knotions; under the resource tab, there are several sizing charts. Another link takes you to a blog that lists several sites that have standardized measurements.

Well, the measurements helped, sort of. I can't visualise how it would fit so my next step is to go out and buy a size 6 girl's t-shirt top, stuff it and try to see the fit that way. Will update once I have a top to go by.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could lend you Amelie! But she sounds a different body shape from little X. :) The top is looking so pretty! I know it will all work out just fine. :) I was looking at shawl patterns just now, and found your Adama. Or does it have an s? I need to try a shawl. You know, need to try??? One of my knit night friends, actually a few of them, have been knitting gorgeous lacey shawls and I NEEEEEEEED to try it tooooooo!!!!! First I must finish the hat. LOL Hugs! s