Friday, February 19, 2010

Ravelympics so far

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Wow, I actually earned badges!!! I really was not expecting this to happen but it's quite nice :)
The project that got me the Hat Half-pipe is in my previous post complete with pattern.
The other project is arm warmers requested by my loving husband. I used Bernat's Heathery blue worsted weight yarn. Since he wanted them to fit snuggly but not too tight, I used 2 cables that run up the arm.   I finished knitting these while I was sitting in the ER on Monday. Still have to get a photo of hubby wearing them. Guess I'll have to corner him when he has them on :) Yes, he's camera shy but then again, so am I! The picture is of my arm while holding the camera with the other hand. It sorta works, right? :)  
Update on the infection and swelling on my face. The swelling is barely noticeable now. There is a bit that doesn't seem to want to go away but with the big blue pills I have to take 3 times a day, it should be gone by the time I'm done taking them all. Hopefully I won't have to go to bed snuggling an ice pack tonight. The freezer burn under my left eye is slowly disappearing thank goodness LOL 
I finished the red slippers! They are for a disabled young woman who comes in every week at the office where I temp on and off. She needs something that will fit easily over the distorted bones of her feet and not constantly fall off and keep her warm as well. She's very prone to getting cold and has no way of saying so. The disability is so severe that she is about on the same level as a newborn baby and cannot express what she needs except in wails. I do hope that she is happy. 
I only have one more part to go on the surprise for my husband. I was planning on doing this for Valentine's day but got sidetracked with the arm warmers and hat and slippers. I was finishing up one part last night when he asked what I was working on. It looks like a hat, let's leave it at that :)

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Pink Feather Paradise said...

Well done on the badges and I love the arm warmers... and I hope your infection is all cleared up soon... I am full to bursting point with a head cold... my sinuses are so painful... and I have to take my daughter and her friend out tomorrow for her birthday... oh joy!

never mind I'll be fine

a mum's job and all that... lol

x Alex