Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ravelympics III

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Wow, more badges! The Cable cross country is for my arm warmers and the Designer Original is for both the arm warmers and the Jayne hat.
Today I'll be submitting a picture for frogging a cowl that a friend decided it wasn't for her mother after initially gushing over the colors. Go figure. At least the yarn will be used for something else. Of course Gambit had to be in the picture. I take out the camera and he starts flirting with it. Sad but true LOL 
Once the frogging was done, I had this lovely pile of kinked yarn which I then hand wound into a center pull ball. The ball in the background is what I hadn't used and decided to just wind the yarn I'd used and start working from that one.
I figured out how to use a rigid cardboard tube to mimic one of those yarn winding machines. I've lost count of how many balls of yarn I've created using this cardboard tube.  

Last night, I started on a shawl using this yarn but I'm not happy with the look of it which in my world means frogging again and looking in my stitchionaries and Ravelry for inspiration.

Update on the surprise gift for hubby, it's not a surprise any more, he figured it out last night while I was working on the 2nd "boob". And amazingly, he wasn't overly thrilled with the idea :( I'm still going to finish it, just so he can cuddle up to it in the middle of the night when he's asleep....

My darling daughter emailed me with the news that she found 4 balls of gorgeous wool yarn good for felting and she paid 3$ for the lot! That's my girl! :)


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I think Gambits double lives in our house... you can just about see her in the picture on my blog with the shiskey and chocolate... Gambits double over here in Blighty is called Louie...

Sometimes its so tricky to marry a colour or type of yarn up with a suitable pattern... I must check out Ravelry too...

Will post your book on Monday

x Alex

Anonymous said...

Yay for daughter finding felting yarn!!! :) I still must finish my Urchin now that she's given me more. She is a good person. :) Gambit is gorgeous, as usual, pretty pretty boy. HOpe to see you tomorrow! s