Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gadgets & stuff

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You will notice something new on my blog sidebar. Fishies! I've always enjoyed feeding the koi found in parks and zoos. I happened on this gadget while browsing another blog and immediately fell in love with it. 

They also remind me of the bit on Sesame Street featuring Bert & Ernie and Ernie says he can get fish to come to him while they are fishing. Bert of course doesn't believe him, so Ernie proceeds to prove his claim. He bellows "Heeeere fishy fishy fishy!!!" and out of the water and into their rowboat jumps a fish. Bert's jaw hits the floor so to speak :)

Simple games for simple minds eh :)

Other news

I spent the better part of yesterday 7 and a half freaking hours! sitting in the emergency room. I developed an infection in my eye tooth that then spread to my sinuses. I had a bit of swelling on Sunday night but woke up Monday morning with the left side of my face swollen like a balloon. I decided it was time to head over to the local clinic which was closed! Bah!!! So not having any choice in the matter, I had to go to the emergency department at the nearby hospital. I got there around 11 am, sat in the pre-triage waiting room and finally got through triage just before 1 pm and went to sit in the post triage waiting room. I was whisked away to the examining room around 5:30 pm and finally saw a doctor shortly after 6. Had to wait for the prescription and the first dose of antibiotics and eventually walked out of the hospital script in hand around 7 pm.

Boy, am I glad that I had brought my knitting along. I was working on arm warmers requested by my darling husband and had only 15 rows knit. I finished them while waiting for the doctor to come and examine me. I'm thankful I had knitting to work on since the pain in my face had triggered a migraine and I had nothing that I could take for it and wasn't about to walk out to get some from home since I'd have lost my spot. At around 4 pm my blood sugar crashed. I hadn't brought a box lunch or water with me since I didn't think I'd be there for THAT long. That was a mistake!

Waiting for that long you get to know your seat mates on either side of you. I was entertained by the sweetest 81 year old lady with stories of the past, her great grandkids, etc... The lady on the other side of me had come in post surgery because she'd started bleeding through the sutures and not just a bit. She had to wait 3 hours before she was called in. By the time she went in the extra heavy feminine pad she'd used to staunch the blood flow was dripping through. I kept an eye on her since I didn't want her to faint from blood loss. When my blood sugar crashed I asked both if they happened to have a hard candy on them since I needed to get my blood sugar up. Neither had any but a lady across from us presented me with a granola bar. It had 8 grams of sugar in it and apparently did the trick since after about 20 minutes I started feeling better and my hands stopped shaking. It was the best tasting thing I'd ever had at that moment. LOL

I'm in shock at how much the antibiotics cost. For a 4 day supply I paid 88$!!!! Sheesh!
The T3 only cost 13$ and boy am I glad for them. The left side of my face is still hurting and threatening a migraine again. Let's hope those super expensive antibiotics do the trick and soon!


Pink Feather Paradise said...

So sorry to hear you have been unwell I hope you are all on the mend now... I had a surprise yesterday when the crochet book I posted to you was returned to me... apparently it wasn't allowed into Canada... it has a pink label stuck to it saying "No sender name in Arabic Numerals and/or Roman letters" I didn't write in either... I don't know either! lol

I will write the address again in the blockiest block capitals that I can scribe and hopefully it will be with you soon...

x Alex

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon. That was a most horrid day altogether. Thank goodness for the granola bar! Would the charge nurses have given you something? Who knows. Big hugs and wishes for a better day! s

Cecinatrix said...

Oh, so emergency health care is the same everyhwere - better have your spleen in a baggie or just sit and wait. Here's hoping that the antibiotics kill off the nasties before the pain killer runs out.

I always wondered what would happen if someone passes out while waiting? Would the staff just step over the supine form on their way to the gunshot victims?

Get better, take care and gotta love them fishies.