Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ravelympics IV

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And here we gooo!  Today's badge was earned for frogging and rewinding the yarn for future use. The joys of hand winding yarn.... I wonder if that's why my arm hurts today LOL

I finished hubby's boobie pillow. When I presented it to him he blushed and giggled. I think he thought I wasn't going to go through with it. It now resides on his bed. I'm sure he will find a way to use it. I've nicknamed it the Franken boobaneck since it's supposed to be a neck pillow and I cobbled it together using various yarns and techniques. At least I know it will do well in the wash!

I'm currently working on a spring/summer  crochet top for Xandy, my own creation of course. I have a lot of the yarn I used to knit the boobies on hubby's pillow left over and it is a decent color. And why have it sit there for another year or so.

It just occured to me that I never did post pictures of those two scarves I made last fall.
The picture on the left is the Kaleidoscope eyes scarf I made for Jess.
The one on the right I gave to my soul sister Samm. I was so happy she loved it since it had been nagging at me to find it's proper owner for a few months. The way Samm's eyes lit up when I took it out of my bag, I knew right away it was hers.

Both made from the same yarn using a variation on the theme made for 2 very different scarves for 2 very different friends.

I've started a wider version of my kaleidoscope eyes scarf I did last fall. My girl friend in Chicago has been ordained chaplain and I want to send her something that she can use when she's working in the community. The yarn I'm using is the repurposed  frogging of the cowl. I'll post pictures as it grows.

For those lovers of all things Gambit. Here is where he spends his time while I'm knitting or crocheting. He looks like he broke his neck! but he seems to like to sleep that way; wedged between the sofa cushions with his head hanging over the edge. His other favorite position is on his side, claws sunk into the arm of the couch as if the couch was trying to eat him.  If you look behind him, you'll see the top of a pattern sticking out. He does a decent job at holding my pattern page in place when I need it.  The pink tassel hanging down is from my nifty little tape measure that Samm gave me. Gambit likes to play with it and it beats me fishing it out from between the cushions. I know, weird cat, what can I say, he's a bengal after all.

And tomorrow... just found out*does a happy dance* I'm meeting Samm at our usual posh dining spot aka Tim Horton's for coffee and bagel w/cream cheese. I love Mondays!

I give up!!! I've reformated this post a dozen times and blogger still insists on leaving giant spaces everywhere! LOL This will have to do for now. This is definitely the frankenstein of all posts! 


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Wow you have been busy... I am making things at hte moment that are for swaps and gifts so I can't show and tell yet... so frustrating! lol

Gambit is a little better bred than our little Louie... she's just a moggy from a lady down the road... but they are still very similar!

the tips of her ears are black and have long hairs that make them look even pointier... I love her ears the best! ;D

x Alex

Anonymous said...

Today was a great lunch and gabfest as usual!!! I'm glad Gambit likes the measuring tape. :) And he's so helpful with the weighting down of patterns and such. What a character! Thanks for great company today! I hope the snow isn't too bad in your city. Ours has just begun in earnest. Snow days! Love them. I call them knitting and making soup days. :) Keep warm! Hugs! sammmmmmm
p.s. the booby pillow is hilarious!