Thursday, October 30, 2008

Magic Loop magick

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Wow! If anyone had told me that it was this simple knitting using the magic loop way I would have switched to doing that a long time ago. DPNs are great, but magic looping is a prayer answered by the goddess of knitting herself. As I like to say "Desperation is the mother of all inventions" and someone must have been desperate!

I wanted to do up some quick Halloween decorations and decided to go for the Curly Purly Pumpkins that I featured in the Hallowe'en Fun post. I started digging around trying to find dpns of the right size and came across my one and only circular needle made of plastic. A few days ago while browsing Ravelry posts about magic loop, I followed a link to where you can view teaching videos on just about any knitting subject from casting on, to binding off and everything in between including magic loop. After viewing the video via a mirror (I'm a left handed knitter) I decided to give it a shot.

Whatever it was that I thought would be too difficult to learn this method is beyond my understanding now. But WoW! no more ladders from knitting with dpns, no more dropped stitches, no more fussing with casting on and moving stitches to this needle and that needle.
I see the possibilities now. Imagine doing patterns and not having to move stitches from one needle to the other just to keep the pattern straight!

Here is one of the finished pumpkins. Going to do a few more until I run out of orange yarn. In the meantime, get your kitties close to the monitor so they can view some gratuitous posing by Mr. Gambit in all his glory, reclining on my unmade bed. Sometimes I wish I was him!

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