Thursday, October 23, 2008


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I know, several days have gone by since my last post. Blame it on the dead router.

But in the meantime, I have been RAK'ed with some very pretty items from my Ravelry friends..

In the mail yesterday I received a letter with some suspicious bulges. After further investigation, this is what I received!

A huge thank you goes to Angele for these really cute stitchmarkers. I adore them and will put them to very good use.

Then today, I get home from work and there's a package waiting for me. This is better than Christmas! It's so awesome to receive something you're not expecting.
I open it, and there in all it's splendor are several balls of superwash!

Thank you to Karen for these wonderfully soft balls of superwash merino. I love the colors. I'm closer to getting the Marie Grace Smith Darling jacket for my niece done. I'd never felt yarn so soft before today. Never thought wool could feel like silk.

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