Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not Quite Straight Scarf

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I found this pattern while helping someone on Ravelry with a stitch question. I was intrigued by the pattern and decided to give it a shot since I need to knit a bajillion scarves for Christmas presents!

So far, this is what I have on the needles. I'm using yarn from my stash. The tag must have fallen off and I have no idea what brand it is. It's polyester, I know, not really a good scarf yarn but with wool allergies, doesn't leave a lot of choice.

I really love my brand new bamboo needles from Rikki :) The needles make knitting a lot more fun. No more pain in my fingers from holding on to heavy needles. I also love the fact that after a few minutes using these needles, they seem to warm up in my hands.

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