Sunday, October 26, 2008

Presents II

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After fighting with Canada Post and losing. I took the 3 hour round trip to go collect my envelope from the sub post office far away from where I live. What killed me was the fact that there is a sub post office 3 blocks from where I live! This is the second time Canada Post has done this to me. I don't get it.

Anyway, I got home and opened the envelope, poured out the contents and turned into a kid on Christmas morning. As you can see in the picture below; I was RAKed by Rikki on Ravelry who sent me 2 sets of bamboo knitting needles, 2 balls of lovely organic cotton from Bernat and a wee package tied with some pretty black ribbon.

I figured while I had to go so far to pick up my package, I might as well drop by the Fortino's next door to the post office. I picked up croissants that were on sale for my husband since he adores eating them with peanut butter and nutella.

The beribboned package held 4 very pretty stitch markers. Three of the markers have stones with a pearlized heart attached. I really love the stones that were used. They have a warmth about them. The fourth marker has an angel attached. That will be my special marker and it fits my name as well. Thank you so much Rikki, I love your presents!

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