Friday, February 6, 2009

What are we doing to the current generation?

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Ok folks, what are we doing to this generation of kids?

I can't believe that parents drive their kids to and from school every day when there is a perfectly good bus system out there and if they live near enough to walk, a pair of serviceable legs with feet attached that they could use. I see schools where the streets around them are literally clogged morning and afternoon with 100's of vehicles of parents picking up their children, while 1/2 empty school buses attempt to wend their way through this mess. I see neighbors driven to the point of desperation while they watch vehicles parking in their driveways, and lawns. If a neighbor complains, I've seen parents tell them to f** off and worse.

A friend even told me that one of his daughter's friends gets driven and picked up from school and he's in grade 12! For crying out loud, whatever happened to your children developing independence and responsibility for themselves. I can understand that with younger children you don't want them to go alone, so walk with them!

Medical reports tell us that our children are suffering from obesity, that they are not getting enough exercise. Let's park the car, use the legs and feet that we were given and walk our kids to school. Otherwise, if school is too far, let them use the bus!

Lower the carbon footprint, save on dwindling fuel supplies, you know, all that stuff that we hear about on the news about our earth being in trouble. If we all do our small part, we may just help save what's left or at least keep what's left a little longer?

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