Sunday, February 1, 2009

Busy busy Bee! make way!!!

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Wow, the week simply flew by for me. Between work and caring for my darling husband, knitting came in 3rd place and everything else fell by the wayside.

Weatherwise: The weather we've been getting reminds me so much of Eastern Ontario where you had to either grow fur or wear a lot of clothing to survive. Since the growing fur option is out, I ended up layering... a LOT! It's only a 1 km walk to work, but wow.

Family wise: with the help of my sister, I found my cousins I had not heard from in 20+ years and of all places, Facebook! It is really nice to hear from family, how they are doing, the grandkids, all the things that slipped by over the years unknowing. Things I wish I had not missed out on but such is life. Hopefully we'll be able to reconnect as time goes by.

Knitwise: I started and finished the wristwarmers for my son in law using the pattern I developed. I also knit a scarf that I will be gifting, more on that in my next post. I'm currently test knitting for a fellow Raveler for some really pretty fingerless mitts. First time I've volunteered to test knit a pattern for someone. A year ago, I would not have even considered the thought of test knitting for anyone! That's how far I've come confidence wise on my knitting journey.

Relationship wise: This week is the 9th anniversary of when I met my husband while playing an online game. Doesn't feel like 9 years have gone by, so much has happened over that time, but as far as our relationship goes; it has grown, mutated, gotten stronger, more loving. My soulmate is truly my other half, my bestest friend. Without him by my side, I would be a lost soul wandering the world. He makes me happy.


Unknown said...

Beautiful picture of you and hubby! You both look so content to be where you are at that each others arms :)


Kitya said...

Ack!! Congratzs mom!!!!