Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where did the week go!!??!!!

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I don't know what it is but I always get caught by surprise that the week has simply flown by.

I had a lovely surprise last Tuesday after work. My daughter was in town and met me as I was coming out. We had a lovely supper at a local sushi restaurant to follow the unveiling of many many balls of yarn she brought for me. She hit a literal jackpot at one of the many secondhand stores she frequents in Mississauga. And I end up being the recipient of this veritable bonanza of yarn!

Such gorgeous yarns. I especially like the green skein, no clue what it is, but it feels nice. And the other yarn I really like is the Patons Nuance is shades of greens. It feels delectably soft, so does that one ball of red yarn in the foreground. Again, no clue what it is, but I like it. You may notice the two wee beasties in the yarn. Yes, I admit it, I collect Neopets. I am a Neopet addict. I have a lot of the little guys and I do mean "a lot"

I also reknit the Calorimetry hat. I didn't like how much the original one stretched so I did a new one with a different yarn. This one is definitely tighter but it keeps slipping off my ears. I can't seem to win at this! The yarn is a merino blend in brick red from Elite.

For anyone wondering about the drawings behind my new hat... I attended a Magic the Gathering competition 8 years ago in Toronto and met 4 of the artists. I had all 4 of them do a drawing on a single sheet of paper of Angels after my name. I absolutely adore the angels they drew. I also guess admitting this makes me a prime nerd since I also played the game.

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