Monday, January 26, 2009

Canada Post sucks!

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I don't believe this. I feel like I got scammed by Canada Post.

I have two packages, exactly the same size and same weight. One is going to Chicago to my husband's friend and the other is going to the next town in Canada (1 hour away).
The package to Chicago cost me 5$ to send. So I figure the package going 1 hour away will cost me about the same if not less since it's within Canada. Boy was I wrong! The postal worker without batting an eyelid tells me to ship this package it will cost me 9$!!!! So I ask her why the difference in price, she replies, your package is considered bulky. So I point out that the package going to Chicago weighs the same and has the same bulkiness, why is it so much cheaper?? She shrugs and answers, those are the rates...

I took the package that was going to my son home with me to repack and shipped the other one to Chicago. My son will have to wait a few more days until I've repackaged his mitts in a ziplock baggie with all the air sucked out of it and in a plain brown paper envelope. Let's see how much that will cost me. It doesn't cost 9$ to drive to the next town! I wish I had a car.

Why are we paying a premium for shipping small packages within Canada when Canada Post is obviously giving cheaper rates for packages going to the US??? Shouldn't we be given a better deal?

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Unknown said...

I've done my share of shipping in the last couple of years and always find that we pay more to send in Canada and I agree...Canada Post Sucks!