Sunday, January 11, 2009

More of that wonderful RAK

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I finally took some individual photos of the gorgeous yarns Michiele sent to me.

The first one is a hand-dyed skein bought at a pottery festival in Sanford. It is 15% nylon and 85 % wool.I'm seriously thinking shawl for this one. I love the colors and how they blend into each other. I hope that it will do some gorgeous pooling when I finally use it.

The second yarn is 3 balls of Shibui knits. I absolutely love the blend of colors, reminds me of spring. I must think what would showcase those colors best. May not be socks though since I really don't want to practice making socks with this gorgeous yarn. I'd hate to ruin it.

The third yarn is 2 balls of Regia sock yarn 100% virgin wool. Again, love the colors! I'm waiting for it to tell me what it wants to become.

The fourth yarn is 2 balls of Caseria Copperbeach 100% merino. Feels more like silk to me than wool. Never thought that merino could feel so nice!

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