Sunday, January 4, 2009


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Today is my first day of the new year that I am migraine free.. at Last!
I came down with a migraine that wouldn't go away on Christmas day. This thing was a monster that started with tooth pain and just got a life of it's own. Taking painkillers would only send it to the background. Yesterday it finally decided it wasn't going to recede or take stage left for a break, it came back full force and boy did it hurt! I finally decided that a trip to the local hospital's emergency department was the answer albeit not something I was looking forward to since this more than likely involves a 3 hours or more wait to be seen. I sat in the waiting room with my poor husband in tow. Wore an icepack on the right side of my face and a towel over my head as well as dark glasses since the waiting room lights felt like the sun was 2 inches from my nose. I finally get called into the 2nd waiting room and my poor husband gets left in the main waiting room which is rapidly filling up with screaming children. When I was finally called into the examining room I wouldn't budge until they let my husband come in with me.
The doctor checked my neurological responses, eyes, tongue (no clue why) and ordered a shot of morphine mixed with something like demerol. And told us that if that didn't take care of the migraine, I'd have to come back for a different treatment using steroids. Got home last night, by the time we walked home, I was starting to feel better. Had something to eat and fell into bed.When I finally woke up this afternoon, the migraine was thankfully gone!

I also started a new temp position on Friday. This one is dispatch for the city's parking department where I live. I felt like I was on The Prisoner with using the officer's numbers to call them over the two way radio; "Control to eleven, control to 11" and would wait for the officer's response "11 to control". Just felt a bit surreal. The radio itself as an ancient microphone that looks like something from the 60's.

The woman who is supposed to be training me for the position is missing a very important talent; an aptitude for training others. That in itself precludes my learning the job since she's the rambling type. Starts to show me how to do something and then mumbles her way through most of it with an "you'll get it once you're doing it" comment. Thankfully my supervisor noticed how badly she was doing the training and made sure that I knew she was available to help me whenever I needed the help. I'm seeing this as a learn by the seat of your pants type training. Should be interesting.

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