Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby Wrap / Shaw

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A co-worker became a first time Dad recently. A gorgeous baby girl who's pictures get shown around the office every chance he gets. I wanted to give something unusual for the young lady and with the cold weather the way it's been.... what better way to keep her warm than with a wrap /shawl.

I found this gorgeous little pattern that I felt was original and unusual enough that I'm sure this little lady hasn't been gifted with one already.

I had some left over pink yarn, Bernat solids and thought it would be nice to use it since it would make this shawl easy wash n wear. And who wants to fuss with pure wool when you don't know if the baby has allergies, etc.

It was a very quick knit and the pattern was easy to follow. Gambit decided he had to be in the picture with teddy modeling the shawl. I also found some darling pink buttons to use on the back to attach the shawl.

Now I'm working on 2 dishcloths, one with a simple basketweave pattern that's great to do when you don't want to think too much or follow a paper pattern while watching Veronica Mars episodes and the other to knit on during lunch at work. Yes, my life is that predictable LOL

These will especially come in handy when we start watching Battlestar Gallactica, the last season, the final 10 episodes. Yes, can you tell we are BG fans :) Incredibly good show that we will miss when it's over.

I will miss watching Stargate Atlantis though. I'm 200% positive that McKay's character was based on my husband.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure McKay would be cringing as much as me when reading something mathematically wrong as "200% positive" ;)

MarieAnge said...

Yeah yeah yeah. You know what I mean :)