Monday, January 19, 2009

50 things about me...

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Some truths about me!
  1. I love my husband
  2. I love my children
  3. I love my silly cat Gambit
  4. I knit left-handed but I'm right-handed and can't knit right-handed
  5. I crochet right-handed and can't left-handed
  6. I learned knitting from my grandmother
  7. I am self taught for crochet, I am not very fond of crochet but that may change over time
  8. I love knitting
  9. I love thinking of new patterns
  10. I collect patterns
  11. Lately I noticed that I follow a pattern like I follow a recipe. The basics are there, but I throw in my own updates and adaptations when I see that it will look better.
  12. I love to knit for babies but have none of my own to knit for.
  13. I love to knit for children, but have no money to ship the finished items to my nieces and nephews.
  14. I used to sew up a storm when my kids were little
  15. I used to do traditional native beadwork
  16. I used to draw and paint
  17. I miss my grandmother
  18. I used to do embroidery
  19. I wish there was more equality in the world
  20. I miss horseback riding
  21. I am metis
  22. I have diabetes
  23. I have neuropathy
  24. I have COPD
  25. I miss my health
  26. I miss my children
  27. I miss gardening
  28. I miss goats
  29. Everything I knit, a little piece of me goes into it to give the recipient strength and purpose
  30. I wish for my health to improve
  31. I wish for my husband to be pain free
  32. I wish for my children to be happy and healthy
  33. I wish my friends lived nearby
  34. I wish my family lived nearby
  35. I hate housework, it's pointless and thankless
  36. I love neo-classical, celtic, rock, industrial, rave, house, new age, rap/hiphop, native, film soundtracks and heavy metal music
  37. I love historical, knitting, sci-fantasy, adventure and horror books
  38. I wish for a full time permanent job with health benefits
  39. I'm thankful for the temp work I do get
  40. I'm thankful for my wonderful husband
  41. I wish we didn't live in a basement apartment
  42. I wish my eyesight was better. I wear glasses
  43. I wear magnifying glasses over my regular glasses when I knit or read. I don't care if people see me wearing 2 pairs of glasses
  44. I don't care if people think I'm fat, my husband loves me just like I am
  45. I wish I could afford a car. I miss having a car
  46. I'm a decent cook
  47. I'm good at a lot of things, but don't excel at any one thing in particular
  48. I'm ambidextrous
  49. I can roll up my tongue sideways
  50. I can pick up things with my toes
These are just a few things about me. Maybe I'll add to the list in time, but for the moment, this is all I'm saying.

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