Friday, January 9, 2009

Stash Wars cont'd

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Well, I did it. After spending a weekend sorting and cataloging my stash I bit the bullet and put it all in Ravelry so I can keep track of what I use, how much and on what I used it. At least now it will be easier to shop my stash LOL

Now all that left to do is to go through my finished projects and substract the yarn from the stash. Shouldn't be too difficult. I kept written notes of yarn used and to which project it was attributed.

With all the sorting, I also found that when I threw all the bits and pieces and less than 1/4 skeins into one bag, I have quite a bit. I should think of something to do with all those bits and pieces. Maybe an apple core blanket, or a fish blanket. I did have my heart set on doing a cardinal blanket but I have nowhere near enough black or red yarn. So that is going to go on the backburner for now.

I also joined the Stash Knit down 2009 group on Ravelry which should help me get a lot of the stash knitted into serviceable items, garments, etc.

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