Tuesday, December 23, 2008


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As most of you saw in an earlier post, my daughter and her husband received a kitten for Christmas. We had the absolute joy of meeting this little bundle of joy when they dropped in for an impromptu Christmas celebration.

When they walked in with this little guy, his name had not been chosen yet. He was still known as "the kitten". While we were away shopping, my son in law guarded the little bundle from Gambit since from past experience we knew that Gambit did not share his domain or his humans with anything wearing fur or feathers. What surprised us is that while we were out, he never made any attempt at harming the kitten or the canary.

We came home to find the kitten stretched out on our bed enjoying a nap. Gambit sitting in the bedroom doorway staring at said bundle of fur. The stare wasn't evil or angry as it usually is, it was actually curious. Odd for Gambit. We had to take pictures of the wee one since he was so gosh darn cute! Don't you agree?

While we were fixing dinner and unpacking groceries, Gambit and kitten got closer and closer. Blame the kitten, he got up, walked to the end of the bed, stumbled off and made is way to within a foot of Gambit. Then they sat there looking at each other. I gave my usual rumbled arumph letting Gambit know that harming this kitten was a huge nono as well as a voiced warning of behave and it's a baby to which Gambit gave me a condescending look that meant "I know" Ok, so now I'm looking stupid and he's looking like the smart one of the bunch LOL

The kitten crept closer and closer until they almost touched noses but the kitten got cold feet and backed away. What was funny is that Gambit also backed away looking very nervous. It's as if he was waiting for something really bad to happen to him if he touched the kitten, nevermind my arumphed warning. We figured out he might have been concerned that kitten's mom was somewhere waiting to kill him if he so much as touched a hair on the kittens head.

So he took on the role of nanny. Following wherever the kitten went in the apartment. Even showed him how to use the litter box which was hilarious. Then he brought him to his food and water and showed him where his toys are kept. Even showed him his throne, the pizza box that he uses as a bed. Don't ask why, we've given up trying to figure out why sleeping on a pizza box is better than sleeping on a couch, bed, chair, cushion, etc. Gambit's not your normal average boring cat! He is a Bengal after all. What we're curious to see how his adult fur comes out is Bran's. He has some characteristic Bengal markings on his face, but so far, the kitten fur is too fuzzy to see what's underneath. Like a butterfly coming out of it's chrysalis, we'll have to see what comes out of the baby fur.

Somewhere along the way, I asked what his name was. Branwyn and Bran for short was the name that was given to him in a blink of an eye. The name fits. He got everyone in the apartment wound around his tiny claw of his back foot including Gambit! Such a cutey and Gambit agrees. When they left, Gambit spent the next 4 days looking for Bran. I guess this means we should leave our 2nd cat options open as long as it's a kitten that will grow up with Gambit, learn all his bad habits and weird food addictions. LOL

Maybe he'll grow up to look like this handsome fellow.

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Anonymous said...

so cute!!

His name is simply Bran now though ;)