Monday, December 8, 2008

Filigree Shawl Update

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Wow, I'm amazed at how quickly this shawl is knitting up!
Take a look!

I should have it finished by tomorrow night if it keeps going like this. It's a good thing since the elderly lady I'm making it for had her birthday this past Friday. This will be a late birthday present.

In other news, it's getting cold!!!! It was -14C this morning when I walked to work. That's been the coldest so far and it's only the beginning of December. We normally don't get the really cold weather until January. I wonder if it's going to go like this. All I know is I feel sorry for the wee birds out there. While waiting for the bus tonight I was watching a flock of about 50 chickadees all competing for space between the rafters of an old closed building downtown. They looked so cold and they kept chattering at each other, jockeying for space to keep warm.

One day, the city may figure out what to do with the building. It hasn't been used in over 25 years and is literally falling apart from the inside out.

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