Sunday, December 21, 2008

Time Flies!!!

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Wow, I didn't realise how long it's been since I added to my blog. My apologies to everyone!

A lot has been happening around here, hence the lack of posts. Very little time to sit down in front of the computer, not having a router also sucked since it meant that only one computer had internet access.

Let's see, where was I on my knitting list. The Fabulous Filigree scarf for George's sister. I'm halfway through knitting it using pink Bernat solids. Pink, my gawd, why?!!!

It's been put on hold for a few days while I take care of some more immediate knitting needs. Co-workers where I'm currently temping have been handing me Christmas presents which means I should reciprocate. But with having no money to buy presents, I decided to knit their presents. I looked around for something quick and useful to make for them and finally decided to do pocketbook slippers from Knitwits Heaven.

Since the office is filled with women, it was an easy choice. I had thought of coffee cup cozies since most of them get their Timmy's in the morning, but decided on slippers when I kept overhearing them complain on how cold their feet are in the office. Mine aren't cold, I'm the freak with the fan blowing on me it's so bloody warm in there. They've gotten used to the fan but boy, the first few weeks got me a lot of head shaking and weird looks LOL

These knit up really quickly. I can make a pair in an evening while watching shows with darling husband. What's nice is it also uses up stash yarn since it doesn't require an entire ball of yarn. The blue pair pictured here is for me! I miscalculated how much yarn I needed and ran short on the blue. Didn't feel like frogging them so added the red to finish the last slipper. So I'll have a bi-color on one foot and a single on the other. I don't care since they're for at home anyway.

I may do bi-color for the others since it does look neat. I'll have to check the stash to see what colors I have that would match/compliment each other.

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